Public vs. private education?

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How do you make a decision about where your child will go to school? Obviously, cost is likely to be the biggest factor--but if you could put cost aside, what would influence your decision about where to send your child to school?

I've been thinking about this in part because I am a public school teacher. I teach in a great district, in a wonderful school. I have a classroom full of unique, eager, energetic first graders. Each one of them has strengths and differences as a learner--and in this way public education is the same as private education. But there are other subtler differences, such as the way standards are approached, the way students are prepared for tests, or how students with special needs are provided with services and intervention, varies greatly between public and private schools. I've also been thinking about this because eventually we'll need to make a decision about where Bean will go to school--and while I teach in a public school, both my husband and I attended private schools.

I am interested (and I imagine many other new parents are as well) in how parents make these choices. What do you see as the benefits of public or private education? If your children attend a private school, how did you decide where they'd go? What values and pedagogy were important to you? How did a public school not meet these needs? And if your child attends a public school, what went into that decision?

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