Santa will call your house and save you a mall trip

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No time to go to the mall and stand in line for a visit with Santa? Santa can contact your child from the comfort of your own home with some help from the little elves at

Once an adult fills out the questionnaire and pays the fee ($21.95), they can choose the date and time for Santa to contact the youngsters and work into the conversation even though coal prices are way up he's got a special hunk with their name on it the names of their friends, pets, and how they are doing in school, their favorite toys, etc.

Of course, you could have a friend do the same thing for free. I've used the Easter Bunny hot line several times to get verification that it is an Easter law that all the ears of chocolate bunnies be eaten mothers, and those calls never cost me a thing.

You could also send Santa an email but know in advance it won't be as impressive of a playground story as being on the horn with Father Christmas himself.

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