Paddington Bear returns

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The latest installment of the Paddington Bear books is scheduled hit the shelves in June 2008. This first since 1979, Paddington Here and Now finds the marmalade-loving bear in a bit of a legal jam. It seems he has no papers to prove his identity and there is some question as to whether he should be allowed to say in the country. Fans of the book series, written by Michael Bond, will remember that Paddington arrived in England after being smuggled aboard a ship from Peru by his Aunt Lucy, who remained behind. I don't think a 'hard stare' is going to get Paddington out of this one.

Paddington Here and Now marks the bear's fiftieth anniversary, but there are even bigger things ahead for Paddington. David Heyman, the producer of the Harry Potter films is bringing Paddington to the big screen. The film will combine live action and computer-generated animation and will feature stories from the previous 11 books.

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