Stuffed animal organizer

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Is your child's menagerie taking over their room but the emotional attachment to Mr. Fluffy, Boo-boo Kitty and Mrs. Whiskers is still too strong to make thinning the herd possible? What you need is your own zoo to get those stuffed animals under control!

Created by a woodworker, The Zoo stuffed animal containment system works like the ball displays at department stores: a cage with elastic strips to keep things in one place and make them easy to get in and out. Because it requires only two feet of floor space and can be attached to the wall to keep climbing monkeys from toppling it over, The Zoo can help even toddlers keep their stuffed animals put away with within view.

The Zoo can hold about 90 medium sized critters, which should be enough to neaten up any pint-size zoo keeper's collection. Combine one with a copy of Put Me in the Zoo and a you've got yourself a gift idea and will earn you a big hug from grateful parents!


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