Cyber baby shower?

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Haven't you heard? Cyber baby showers are all the rage. Ok, well, not yet they aren't--but after I have one they will be! The woman who threw me my baby shower, the loveliest in all of Brooklyn, moved to the West Coast after she became pregnant.

From the time she moved to California--not long after she told people she was pregnant--to the various holidays, she is now too pregnant to fly back home to New York for a baby shower. Since it would be logistically difficult not to mention expensive to fly all her New York pals (she was born and raised here) to California and she's to preggy to fly, I was thinking of trying to throw her a cyber baby shower.

I have a webcam in my computer, and her husband, who is an electronics guru, would take care of the other end. We would ask invitees to send all their presents in advance to the house in CA then meet up at my place to web cam with my pal while she opened her presents live on the ether waves.

It could be fun and an interesting experiment or it could be a total disaster. Or it could be something in between. Webcams--at least the ones I've been in contact with--are spotty at best. You may get a link to a friend and everything will be going fine when suddenly you lose contact for who knows what reason.

You spend as much if not more time trying to fix the problem as interacting with the person on the other end of the line, and the whole episode can lead to frustration.

That said, it could be a wonderful thing for my friend, who moved to a new city with no friends (yet) and no family around. There isn't anyone to throw her a shower in California, and she can't come back to New York. So, it seems like this may be the best option.

And she deserves a shower--every pregnant gal does. So I am going to do my best to make this thing happen. I think with the technology I have in hand we should be able to pull this thing off. Wish me luck!

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