Dilley sextuplets in high school

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When my oldest started high school this fall, it was sad and exciting at the same time. My baby! High school!

But I didn't have too much time to be melancholy or fret about the passage of time because I have other kids and opted to save the BIG bucket bawling for when the last of the litter heads off.

Keith and Becki Dilley don't have that luxury, though. Part what made them a household name in the United States, raising sextuplets, means their child hit major milestones like starting high school or college, at the same time. This fall, Adrian, Claire, Quinn, Ian, Brenna, and Julian became high school freshman, leaving their house strangely silent a lot of the time.

"Keith and I find ourselves alone a lot," Becki said. "We come home, it's like, 'Where is everybody?' And I say, 'Well, they're not expected home till 11:30 or so. 'You mean we're like..... by ourselves?'"

I'd really be interested in a book about what life with 6 teenagers the same age is like. I can't imagine the hormone and teenage angst, drama, and stress those parents must deal with on a daily basis, and I think I could learn a lot from the Dilleys.

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