Box4Blox: Lego tamed

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If you find yourself with Lego's everywhere because you your kids dumped them all over the floor to find that elusive yellow 1-by-3 sloped piece needed to finish your their masterpiece, then head on over to the Box4Blox website. This unit consists of four trays, three of which have openings of various sizes in the bottom. The trays stack together giving you a compact storage unit that holds a lot of bricks.

But what's the deal with the holes in the bottom of the trays? The idea is that you stack the trays with the largest holes on top, followed by the one with the medium grid and then the smallest, all on top of the solid-bottomed tray. A few gentle shakes and the smallest blocks end up in the bottom with successively larger bricks in the other trays.

In practice, if you have a huge number of bricks, the larger pieces can block the smaller ones from falling through, and then there is the problem of groups of bricks still stuck together -- they end up in higher trays than the individual bricks would, of course. While the sorting feature doesn't always work perfectly, the trays do hold a lot of Lego. The manufacturer says it holds 1500-1700 bricks, which jives with our experience. When stacked up, the whole unit is just over ten inches cubed.

Invented by a mother-and-father team with four product testers of their own, Box4Blox is definitely does its job. I was worried, at first, that the plastic would not survive my kids, but it has held up so far with no cracks or breaks. Best of all, they have a monthly drawing to win a free unit.


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