How often do you have date nights?

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My husband and I came to a rather startling (and fully embarrassing) realization last month. We'd only been out as a couple 3 times since Wito was born.

Um, Wito is SIXTEEN MONTHS OLD. What's that? Like an average of one outing sans child per 5.33 months? Oh, dear God.

Granted, we don't have any family close by, so we don't have the option of dropping him off with our parents or any relative for that matter. And babysitters aren't cheap! Our babysitter was previously our nanny when I worked full-time, so we still pay her her "nanny" rate. This situation kind of SUCKS, considering Wito is sleeping the entire time she's here during the evening.

We made the decision to conduct our date nights twice a month, and I talked to my babysitter about paying her a flat rate for the evenings. (Which was sooooo hard, as I am a huge people-pleaser and didn't want to offend her. I was sweating like a whore in church.) She immediately agreed to the lesser amount and I did a little happy dance. In my head, of course.

Last night was one of our first date nights, and it was so fantastic. Adult conversations! And food! And cocktails! (Although, Wito's 6:30am wake up call this morning was less than lovely.)

What about you? Are date nights a common occurrence in your home? Most importantly, can anyone beat my record of 3 nights in 16 months?

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