Airplane tactics for toddlers

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Tomorrow, Wito and I will be traveling halfway across the country without my husband in tow. Wito is a seasoned air traveler- tomorrow's flight will be his 26th in the past 16 months. He has done very well on planes in the past, but toddlerhood brings on a whole new set of challenges.

(While I'm on the subject- for all of you who are nervous about flying with infants, DO IT WHILE YOU CAN. In my opinion, flying with a wee one who hasn't learned to walk or crawl really is a piece of cake compared to hyperactive toddlers. I long for the days when Wito drank his bottle and/or slept the entire time.)

I'm sure most of you will agree that the more mobile they become, the harder air travel can be. UGH. So, I am stocking up on attention grabbers. Here's my list so far:

My bag is bursting at the seams, but tell me, oh wise ones, am I forgetting anything crucial?

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