Celine Dion is "passionate to be a Mother"

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First of all, can you believe that Celine Dion is only 39 years old? It's not that she looks decrepit, or anything, but she's one of those women that always seems several years older than she is. Seriously, I thought she was 46-ish. Perhaps it's because she's been around so long, perhaps it's because her husband reminds me of a balding Santa Claus, but it might just be her enthusiastic Quebecois accent.

Anyway. I just finished reading that Celine's 5-year Vegas stint has come to a close. I remember when it was announced that she'd be putting on nightly shows in Vegas -- it seems like yesterday.

After an emotional final performance, with some verclempt crying included, Celine explained that she was ending her run because she's "extremely passionate to be a Mother" to her 7-year old son Rene Charles. She also said she wanted to be more successful as a Mother than a singer. She'd have to be a near-perfect Mama then: Celine's Vegas shows have grossed 400 million dollars in sales since their 2003 inception.

Celine Dion Finale(click thumbnails to view gallery)

Celine Final BowCeline and her son Rene-CharlesTaking a BowCeline Dion at Finale of Vegas ShowCeline Dion close up

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