Courtney Love on single parenting a teen

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When Kurt Cobain committed suicide in 1994, he left behind wife Courtney Love and their 2-year-old daughter Frances Bean. Courtney herself has had her ups and downs in the intervening years, but she seems to have cleaned up her act lately and is focused on doing her best for Franny,now 15.

Like any parent, Love is having to learn about letting go and giving her daughter a bit more freedom. That is a tough thing to do and, as she tells U.K. magazine Stella, those first few independent steps don't always go according to plan. Of Franny's recent outing with Sting's daughter, Love says, "I wanted to show [her] that she could go out in London without a nanny or bodyguard, so they went by themselves. I wanted to get her a cake because it is the first time she has gone anywhere on her own."

Unfortunately, Love didn't do her homework first and forgot that the movie they were seeing was about singer Ian Curtis, who committed suicide. "She came back so disturbed, because I forgot what the movie was about," she says – before crying at the memory."

Okay, that may not make Courtney Love sound like mother of the year, but give her credit for trying. The whole job of parenting changes so drastically when kids become teens that there are bound to be mistakes made on both sides. And despite mom's blunder, Love says she and her daughter are close. "She slept with me for the first time in a long time last night," Love says. "We get [along] well most of the time but teenagers are hard. Being a single mother is hard."

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