Brad Pitt is 44!!!

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So today is Brad Pitt's birthday. Today he turns a whopping 44. Part of me feels like he's been around forever (because in one way or another he has) and part of me feels like the real Brad is just getting started. After all, on top of everything else he is a celebrity parent behaving NICELY.

I point out this birthday and his age because there was a time not so long ago when 40 was considered one step away from the grave. Now it's nothing. Or, rather, now it's something--something hot and special.

Of course Mr. Pitt does have an edge on us regular folks due to his lucky genes, considerable talents and the like. But he makes 44 look &%$# good, ya'll. I hope I have the grace to even think about looking like he does and having the energy he has for his family, his career and his projects when I'm 34, let alone a decade older.

It certainly takes commitment to look and feel like that at his age. Not that 44 is old--oh contrare. In fact, with the ages people are living to these days those of us in our forties really are just getting started. But that said, considering how tired I am, and that I only have a nine to five desk job, one kid and a one-bedroom apartment with an aspiration toward writing and volunteerism, I don't know how he does it.

Maybe it's Red Bull. Maybe it's having too much to do. Maybe it's love. Whatever it is I wish they'd bottle it and sell it. It'd be more popular than La Mer products.

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