Is Britney Spears getting married again?

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The very idea that Britney Spears would rush off and get married in the middle of her custody battle with ex-husband Kevin Federline is preposterous. But this is Britney we are talking about and she has shown a predilection for the preposterous.

Rumors are flying that Britney has informed her lawyers, as well as Federline, of her intention to shock us all and marry close friend Sam Lufti in Las Vegas. Not only is Britney ignoring her lawyer's advice to get a prenup, according to a family friend, her choice of mate is anything but a winner.

"Kevin has seen Sam lose his temper. We hear he swears a lot and makes very derogatory statements when he's alone with Brit." This insider says that Kevin dislikes him so much that he has forbidden Britney from having him around the kids and has threatened to get a restraining order. "She'll lose custody if she allows Sam around them, Kevin will make sure of it," says the insider.

Britney's friends insist that Lufti is only with her for the celebrity perks and that everyone can see that but Britney. "I hear that he stays with her most of the time, and she pays for his food, his bar and restaurant tabs and clothing. She takes care of everything," says one friend.

I really don't want to believe this, but I wouldn't be the least bit surprised to find it's true. As evidenced by her recent missed court dates and continual partying, Britney clearly isn't getting the help she needs.

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