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I don't know if you celebrated Christmas in your household when you were a kid, or if you gave particular attention to Santa Claus, but I certainly did. I loved Christmas as a kid and still do, even though let's just say I've stopped listening for the sound of reindeer hooves on our roof. There are some traditions that can make for very happy childhood memories, and for me Christmas time is one of them.

Now that I have a child of my own the excitment and joy of Christmas is back, perhaps stronger than ever. I can't wait to start traditions of my own with my new family--once he's old enough to understand the Santa concept, of course. Until then my husband and I like to enjoy ourselves by trading stories of how the holidays went in our households growing up.

When I was a kid my aunt and uncle lived two or three doors down from us in our quaint little neighborhood. My mother still talks about how much she liked our little house on a quiet block. We had just enough room in our livingroom for a tree anyone would be proud of.

When the excitement finally wore me out I'd got to bed. Cookies and milk were placed near the tree and my letter to Santa was hopefully in his hands reminding him how good I'd been all year.

Once I asked Santa to bring my mom a microwave and my dad some socks! I obviously didn't understand the cost difference in those two items--all I knew was that those were the things my parents talked about wanting! As for me, I wanted Barbies and My Little Ponies and science kits.

My uncle used to dress up as Santa and come into our house through the front door--I mean chimney--and deliver presents from a large black garbage bag. My parents would try to get me up to carry me in so I could see him, but I always turned away! I was afraid that--like the legend goes, I mean come on people!--if he saw me looking at him he wouldn't leave me anything!

Still, my parents took pictures of Santa. They were polaroids and I took them to school as ultimate proof that Santa Claus did indeed exist. I have one of those pictures hanging from my own Christmas tree today. You'd never know it was my uncle dressed up like that.

I think it was really sweet and fun of my parents and my uncle to go through this little theatrical endeavor just for me. If only they knew the heated debates in the school yard over whether or not Santa existed! Then picturem e whipping out the pic with absolute conviction! Pretty funny.

I just hope I am imaginative enough to come up with something equally fun and exciting for my kids. My parents really got into the spirit of the holidays and I think I will too--I'm already half-way there by telling you my favorite memories of Santa.

Sure I did the thing where I went to the mall and stood in line and sat on Santa's lap. I even had pics taken a few times. Those Santas were fun and I had a good time, but it wasn't the same as the magic of what happened--or could happen, as apparently anything was possible in my house!--in my own home.

Do you have any favorite memories of Santa? Please share and make the holiday season all the more delightful! (Can you tell I am getting TOTALLY nostalgic now???)

Pic of Santa by Axel B.


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