How to win at Rock-Paper-Scissors

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The Daily mail has some tips on winning RoShamBo, the kid's game that is taken surprisingly seriously by an awful lot of people. The game is simple enough -- each player makes a hand symbol at the same time representing one of either a rock (a fist), paper (a flat hand), or scissors (two fingers extended, spread apart). Scissors wins against paper, paper wins against a rock, and the rock beats scissors. Simple enough, eh?

Apparently not. There are tournaments with prizes as high as $50,000. The game has been used to settle an argument in a court case. Perhaps most famously, the game was used to determine which of two auction houses -- Christie's and Sotheby's -- would auction a multi-million dollar painting. Sotheby's claimed to have no strategy, but Christie's turned to the twin eleven-year-old daughters of one of their employees. The girls recommended "Scissors" and Christie's got the painting.

The Daily Mail focuses on the "Scissors" strategy -- most people will expect you to go with "Rock" as a strong play, so they will choose paper -- but also notes some other strategies for extended play. Personally, I'm not sure I would bet money on my ability to outguess someone else, but if you're tired of losing to your kids all the time, you might want to check out the article. Who knows, you might end up getting to go to Hooters instead of Chuck E. Cheese for a change.

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