Having babies out of wedlock: the new celeb parenting trend?

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Pop Sugar has a poll up this week asking us if we'd have a child out of wedlock. The topic in question is based on the recent news that both Jamie Lynn Spears and British singer Lily Allen are planning to have kids--gasp!--without being married.

In the not so distant past footballer Tom Brady and one-time love Bridget Moynahan decided not to tie the knot; she gave birth to their son right after they broke up. Heath Ledger and Michelle Williams lived together, bought a brownstone together (the ultimate for we Brooklynites in commitment) had a baby together, and then broke up. And let's not even get started on Brad and Angie. They have four kids between them, hope for more and are not interested in tying the knot until laws are changed allowing anyone who wants to get married to do so.

Does America love or hate the fact that celebs--or anyone, for that matter--are having kids without being married? well, not that Pop Sugar has all the answers, but you'll have to vote to hear what others on the site think. What do you think?

I have to say I'm a modern gal and that I think a child in the world is a beautiful thing not dependent on having the traditional mom and dad married with children scenario. There are plenty of good parents out there, celebrity and otherwise, who are not married or who are single parents.

I am married to my baby daddy so I can't really speculate on what it's like to not be married to the father of my child or what it's like to be a single parent, but it seems to me that so long as a child is loved by whomever is involved in the child's life that's what matters most.

Would it be nice if they were married? Perhaps. But just because they get married doesn't mean they'll STAY married, and having a child between them is no guarantee the union will last either. Again, from speculation only, it seems like divorce might be harder on everyone than just keeping things how they are.

I have witnessed many a divorce and all I can say is that it's tough on the parents and even tougher on the kids.

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