Do parenting styles change after divorce?

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When a married couple with children makes the painful decision to get a divorce, the first thought most people have is, "How will this affect my children?"

Seeing their parents divorcing can be a very stressful time for many children. I think we all assume that the impact on most children is negative. Past research has suggested that divorced parents are not as structured and may look to their children for reassurance or companionship, which might blur the parent-child relationship.

However, does a parent's relationship with their child change drastically when they get divorced?

A recent study shows that divorced parents are doing just as good a job as married couples in raising their children. The findings of the study show that parenting styles do not change much when a parent is divorced.

While going through a divorce is not an ideal situation for children, it's a harsh reality for a lot of families. I think if we took 100 parents off the street and listened to their life stories, we would have 100 different parenting situations and 100 different opinions on what was best for those children. Also, couldn't most of us take a look at our current situation with our children and think of ways we wish it was better, while also being thankful that it's not worse?

It seems fairly logical to me. As parents, we work with what we have – the path we have chosen for our lives and the blows those choices have dealt us. Every child is different, every parent's situation is different, and everyone makes different choices.

What do you think? Do you think this study is an accurate reflection of how modern-day parents might be handling divorce?


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