Woman wakes from coma and learns she's given birth

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Shortly after giving birth to her first child, Lisa Allinson suffered a stroke brought on by pre-eclampsia. After a six week coma, she regained consciousness but had lost her memory and didn't recall faces, her life or pregnancy and certainly not having just become a mother.

"For the first few days after she came round she did not know who I was and didn't realize she had given birth," said her husband. "It was a bit of a shock for her to say the least."

After months of slow recovery, Allinson was finally allowed home last week just in time to celebrate Christmas with her husband and son.

I'm so glad this woman is going to be okay and hope she doesn't feel too bad about missing the first part of her son's life. The same thing happened to me every time I have a new baby (except for the pre-eclampsia and stroke part.) I have no memories of those few weeks with a new baby and dealing with my thousand other kids running around the house. I'm hoping to block out the teenage years when they start getting bad as well!

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