Wee lad offers Wii to we who donate

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Since he was about three, Tyler Strasser has been collecting items to give to the poor. This year, in an attempt to get more people to contribute to his toy drive, he offered up the chance to win a Nintendo Wii as an incentive. The Wii is the hot video game console that has been in short supply this holiday season.

So Tyler got the idea to offer a raffle ticket to anyone who donated to his toy drive. The prize was a chance to play the Wii in a Wii bowling competition -- the winner would get to keep it. If this sounds like the genius plan of some high-paid marketing guru, think again. Tyler is but eleven years old.

"It just makes you really feel good that you're helping other people, and I know that it is my job from God," said Tyler in an interview. This sounds like one bright and compassionate young man.

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