Teenager gives the gift of education

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We all know that there are a lot of people in other countries that don't have access to the same comforts and resources that we have in the United States. We see it on TV and read about it in the papers and we think what a shame it is and maybe we even send some money to a charity that helps out in those far off places. That just wasn't enough for seventeen-year-old Rachel Rosenfeld, though.

She read an article about children in Cambodia and how they often have no access to education. She also learned that young girls are sometimes sold into prostitution by their own parents. So, she decided to do something about it. She sent out letters requesting donations, sold T-shirts, and even sold naming rights, just like a football stadium. She raised a total of $52,000. The World Bank and the Asian Development Bank added another $23,000 to that total.

Now, thanks to her efforts, the R.S. Rosenfeld School in the village of Srah Khvav gives 300 primary students access to computers and the internet. "Going to school is very important to everyone's future," said Rosenfeld at the opening ceremony. Rosenfled should know -- she herself missed a year of school due to a stomach disorder. "If I can build this school, then each of you can set goals for yourselves that you can reach," she told the students. "Aim very high, and you'll be surprised what you can achieve."

This sounds like one heck of a determined kid with a heart the size of a basketball. We could certainly use a lot more like her.

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