Beautiful, whimsical art for kid's rooms

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When I was shopping for decor for my son's nursery, I became frustrated by all the....animation. Winnie the Pooh was ubiquitous, and though I have no problem with him and Eyore in picture books, I didn't necessarily want donkeys and honey-bears all over my son's quilt, walls, or curtains. I looked for bright, interesting designs with a shade of sophistication: comforting for baby but also tolerable for Mama. It was fairly hard work.

But it seems lately I'm running across some awesome stuff that could be used in kid's rooms. If Nolan's room hadn't just been recently redone to a big-boy room with ocean-themed handmade art, I very likely would have chosen a few of these.

I came across Tricia Aviss' work at a small, delightful little boutique near our home. Though the store is filled with all kinds of wonderful stuff, Tricia's work, displayed behind the register, immediately caught my eye for it's natural captures embellished with vibrant, surprising color. My favourites are the birds, and I can envision a nursery or small child's room decorated with a few of these. I love this one - with some silvery-blue cushions and a red nursery blanket, it could be the start to a seriously stylish nursery.

Tricia Aviss' website, provides a list of shops where her work is available. Most of them will ship.

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