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Being completely perfect, I don't bother with New Year's resolutions. Instead, I like to set goals for the upcoming year -- targets to aim for. I don't always achieve them all (and, yes, I know I'm not really perfect) but I think it's a good thing to do. I first got the idea from an amazing woman I used to work for who had all of her employees write up their goals for the year -- professional and personal. She made sure that in addition to setting the goals, we came up with plans for reaching those goals. It was a wonderful experience and I've done it (off and on) ever since.

So, without further ado, here are my goals for 2008:

  • Lose weight - This has been an ongoing battle my whole life, alas. I lost a lot of weight a few years back, but it seems to have returned. I'm going to make a concerted effort, however, to shed the pounds again and to keep them off this time. Mostly, I'm going to do this by continuing to moderate my food intake and by increasing my exercise levels -- more walking, especially. I want to do this to make sure that I'm around for a long time -- I want to be able to exact my revenge on Jared and Sara by spoiling their kids rotten.

  • Clean out the attic - Our house has a huge attic and our plan is to convert it to a master bedroom suite. The ceiling is a little low and it gets hotter than blazes up there on a sunny day, but it's a great space and could make a wonderful retreat. Unfortunately, it's full. Actually, it's more than full. I've got most of my computer collection up there along with lots and lots of just plain stuff. It's time to clear it out and make it usable again. Besides, we're going to need it soon.

  • Go Camping - We got a new coupon book from CostCo in the mail the other day and it had a nice looking tent in it. We've kinda outgrown the rooftop tent on top of the rover, but we still want to go camping. Jared and Sara can sleep up top if they want; Rachel and I and the baby will sleep in a regular tent on the ground. We've only camped a few times since Jared was born and I aim to change that this year.

  • Go out with Rachel - I think Parents need to spend some time together, without the kids every now and then. Aside from work and school-related meetings, we've been out without the kids twice since they were born. Once for my high school reunion (Jared stayed with Rachel's folks) and once for Rachel's birthday. I'd like to go out a couple times this year -- the kids are old enough to stay with a babysitter. We're already planning to have my niece watch the kids so we can go to a concert next weekend.

  • Update my personal websites - Aside from my journal and photos (to which there are no links on the main page), there's been nothing on my personal website since Jared was born. My professional site is woefully out of date as well and needs a complete makeover. So, in my copious spare time, I want to do something with those sites.

I'm sure there is more that I'd like to accomplish, but I'm a realistic person and, after all, I do have kids. I think that's plenty to start with.

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