Suri Cruise: Face of an angel, voice of a polar bear?!

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A production company has offered the Berlin Zoo five million dollars for the rights to the story of the zoo's uber-cute polar bear born in captivity, Knut. Knut was abandoned by his mother shortly after birth and raised by zookeeper, Thomas Doerflein and celebrated his first birthday last month.

And the producer of the proposed animated feature has someone famous already in mind to do the voice of young Knut: Suri Cruise, daughter of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes.

"I see the heartwarming relationship between Knut and his caretaker, Thomas Doerflein at the center of the movie ... Suri [Cruise] could speak the English voice of Knut." said producer Ash R. Shah.

Obviously if they are just discussing rights, the movie is still years away and Suri will have a large enough vocabulary (perhaps even reading skills!) by then, but has Shah even heard Suri speak? Not all little kids voices are adorable (ask me how I know!) Also, Knut lives in Berlin. Shouldn't his accent be German rather than Scientologist?

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