Birth control post-baby: considering an IUC

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When I was at a prenatal appointment earlier in the week, my OB talked to me about my post-baby birth control options. We had already discussed the option of having a tubal ligation during my scheduled C-section, and I had declined-not that I plan on having any more kids, but I just didn't like the idea of such a permanent choice.

This time she mentioned the possibility of having the Mirena IUC (intrauterine contraceptive) inserted at the time of my surgery, which seems like a handy "hey, as long as you're in there" add-on. She explained some of the potential side effects and downsides (one of which is shorter, lighter periods-wait, that's a downside?) and I'm still thinking about it, but it's sounding pretty good to me.

So, who wants to sound off on their personal experience with an IUC? Any horror stories, glowing reviews, or otherwise?

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