Are birth days more telling than we think?

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When I was first given my son's due date, two things sprung immediately to mind:
1) I am going to be ginormous and sweating and hulk-sized, with grapefruit-sized ankles, all summer long.
2) My son is going to be a Leo. Oh no.

My Dad is a Leo, and, he would agree with me 100% when I say that he is one of the most difficult human beings on the face of the earth. I have never met a Leo (and oddly, I dated quite a few of them) who didn't live up to their trademark astrological characteristics: proud, passionate, ambitious, strong, independent, leader, bossy, dogmatic, aggressive, argumentative, etc.

When Nolan was a baby, he was so docile and sweet that I couldn't imagine him inheriting any of the intrinsic Leo traits, but I watch him now, demanding to be watched, wanting to be the center of attention. He is almost absurdly bossy for a two year old, and I can already see that he is strong and passionate about every little thing he does. He is a consummate Leo and I can't deny it. Not that Leos don't have tons of awesome traits, too (JK Rowling is a Leo!) but I don't know...aren't Cancers easier?

I've never really put a lot of faith in astrology -- I am a Taurus and possess very few of the characteristic traits -- but someone recently explained to me that I am not really a Taurus but am on the Taurus/Aries cusp, which is a different ball of wax. A quick glance at the description and it's me. I'm convinced: I think there might be something to this whole astrology business.

I'm curious to know -- do your kids "fit" their astrological sign?


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