Is Halley Berry just nesting...or is she having twins?

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Halle Berry's seems to be nesting big time. She is supposedly buying two of everything--to decorate her baby's bedroom (one in Hollywood Hills and one in Malibu) identically, "so that the baby won't be confused."

I can't help but wonder if Halle is reading the same books that I was reading when I was pregnant--because I seem to remember that a baby's vision is almost exclusively focused on what's right in front of it's face--i.e. mom and dad, and that it can't even focus on, let alone comprehend the finer points of nursery room decor. Although this does seem to be a current Hollywood trend--Michelle Williams and Heath Ledger did the same thing when they split up.

But even when the baby is old enough to take in the subtler features of nursery decor, I think it would be more confusing, rather than less so, to have two identical rooms in different locations. Just picture how you'd feel if you went on a business trip and woke up in a room that looked exactly like your bedroom at home?

What do you think? Is duplicating nursery decor necessary or needless? ....Or is Halle Berry having twins?

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