Saturday morning surrealism

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It started when Sara came into our bedroom asking "is this your package?" over and over again. Rachel was still asleep (or trying to be) and I was faced away from the door working. At first, I couldn't see what she had in the way of a "package" and it occured to me that we wouldn't have gotten any packages so early on a Saturday morning.

Next thing I know, I hear Rachel say "that's your father's wallet."

I turned around and, sure enough, there was Sara, holding out my wallet. "Where did you get that?"

Her reply befuddled me -- "it was on the floor in our room." All I could think was that perhaps it fell out of my pocket last night when I was reading their bedtime stories. I took the wallet and thought no more of it.

Then, moments later, Jared comes in complaining about Sara and a penny and I realize that my wallet had been in the front right pocket of my pants, along with a single one cent piece. (I leave everything in my pockets to make sure I don't misplace anything.) That led to a question I haven't asked in at least twenty years: "where are my pants?"

"They're in our room," came the reply.

"Why are my pants in your room?"

"Because Sara wanted to be a robot." Well, duh.


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