Silly nicknames for baby?

As you may know from reading my posts my husband and I often refer to my son as Mr. Pickles. We've been calling him this since before he was born, in addition to at least twenty other "pet" or nicknames. It's not that we don't like his real name, but more a sign of our affection. If love were a name Mr. Pickles would be the most loved child in the world.

The other day over a break I decided to Google Mr. Pickles just to see what would pop up. Admit it--we've all Googled ourselves so why not our children too? And yes, Google is now a verb too!

Anyway, I Googled "Mr. Pickles" and came across this absolutely hilarious website. Naturally, they sold t-shirts so I checked out what they offered for children. They just so happen to sell a t-shirt my son's size that has a picture of a pickle playing the banjo on it. The caption on it reads, "They call me Mr. Pickles."

I simply had to have it, as you might imagine. It was only ten bucks so not too bad a deal. People who don't know us will ask us (when they see him in the t-shirt) why our baby has on a shirt that says "They call me Mr. Pickles," to which we'll reply that we call him Mr. Pickles. I imagine it will be quite humorous.

So, take a shot, if you haven't already, and Google your kids' nicknames. You might end up with a chuckle. Or a t-shirt.

Pic of Mr. Pickles, my hero, by joelogon.

PS--you know, it never hurts to look your kids up online, as a safety precaution. Something you don't know about--and don't like--might be lurking out there in the ether.


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