Finally, a charades game I can play

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My husband and I are horrible at playing games like charades, especially when it involves us being on a team together. The best way I can describe it would be similar to the movie When Harry Met Sally, when Sally is trying to draw "baby talk" during a Pictionary game, only to hear "Baby fish mouth, BABY FISH MOUTH!" yelled back at her with great force.

My husband readily admits to not knowing ANYTHING about pop culture and such, thus leaving me pulling my hair out and wanting to cry. Every. Time.

Looks like this charades game by Haba could be the answer for our ailing teamwork. Created for ages 4 and up, it might be right down our alley. (Because honestly, if we can't convey the word "scissors" to each other, we're in a world of hurt.)

$7.99 at Moolka.

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