Does your family clip coupons?

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Does your family clip coupons? How do you manage your family's grocery bill? I am trying to do away with bad habits I've developed over the years from working full-time, being a single mother and racing to feed my son. However, it's expensive to eat healthy. Buying organic, keeping stocked with fresh produce, among other things can add up quickly. I used to think I had no time to clip coupons and that I didn't buy enough groceries to even bother. However, last year, I began participating in The Grocery Game, and have saved a lot of money. The Grocery Game is a subscription service that gives you a list of stores in your area, the weekly specials, and what current coupons apply to give you the biggest savings. You can even start a 4-week trial membership for $1, which gives you access to all the lists in your local grocery stores.

The lists are very detailed, listing the items that are on sale, along with matching them up with the coupons from the past month and then breaks down the savings. The lists are even coded so that you know what is the rock bottom price and breaks down the good deals and the "buy it now and don't miss this whatever you do" deals. By comparing weekly sale prices with their database, they are able to mark the best savings for that week.

Nicole at Mugglemom has become the local expert in my area on clipping coupons and saving money, and I am in awe at her savings. I am proud of getting 3 bottles of shampoo free, or having a laundry room full of $1 bottles of Tide. However, she posts about her savings on her blog, and there are times when she will buy over $200 of groceries for less than $20!

So how about you? Do you have ways of managing coupons for your family's grocery bills? I'm looking for every way possible to have a pantry full of inexpensive and free groceries!

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