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Well, we've finally outgrown our little one bedroom here on the park and are officially looking to make a move. Our landlord, who is lovely, had no choice but to finally raise our rent, and it seems ridiculous to pay even more money for a space that no longer suits our needs. So, we're officially on the prowl.

Unlike when we've searched for apartments in the past, which has been rare, this time we have some very serious considerations. Well, they're not so much considerations as necessities. We need a real, true second bedroom for our son, not one of these glorified closets sellers claim is a second bedroom but is really nothing more than a few cubic feet.

We also have to go somewhere that accepts pets--willingly. None of this well, we'll just hope the board overlooks it business. This has been more difficult than finding a real second bedroom. It seems like no one wants dogs in a building anymore.

Although the thought of moving with a kiddo is daunting, as moving is work no matter how you look at it or with whom you do it, I am rather excited about the prospect of moving somewhere with more space. How adult it will be to hopefully have real closet space, and a room for the baby where he can also keep all his stuff.

We'd rent but just assume buy. And we'll move ourselves but just assume spend the extra cash and hire movers to do it for us. When we moved into this apartment we "hired" a few friends to help us out, whom we then took out to dinner. Back then we had more adult stuff, which we've slowly gotten rid of or replaced over time. Now we have all this baby gear that'll have to come with us and hopefully will live in storage space until we need it.

For now it's looking at Craigslist, looking at apartments and trying to find the time to really do a good job of it and find the right place. I feel like Goldie Locks trying to find the perfect bed. It'll be worth it if we do find the right place. After all, moving is hard and expensive and not something I want to do again for a long time if I can help it.

Not only do we have to find space for three people and three pets, but we have to consider where we'll put a sibling should we be lucky enough to give one to Mr. Pickles in the near future. Also, we'll need to have a place to put the grandparents when they come visit. New York is expensive and it's hard for them to visit when they have to shell out so much to stay in a bed and breakfast or hotel.

Sure, I'm a little nervous to leave my little community here in Windsor Terrace. I'm weary of new landlords and superintendents and boards. I like the people in my building and am used to doing what I do, living where I live. But change is generally a really good thing. It lets us know how things have been, but how they can be better.

If I'd never had a baby I never would've gotten a new job, and never would've probably gotten rid of my awful commute. Now that I look back I can't believe I did all that--that I lived like that! Let's hope the move provides the same thing: a better way of life.

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