Pam Anderson is pregnant

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Pamela Anderson, as famous for her myriad marriages as her stints in Playboy and on Baywatch, is pregnant. Or, so claims celebrity new site TMZ.

Pam, who has two children from former husband rocker Tommy Lee of Motley Crue, is claiming she is pregnant with current husband Rick Solomon's child but has told him to get out of the picture anyway. You may recall Pam wed Rick in a quickie ceremony, then almost as quickly decided to divorce him, then decided to reconcile.

Well, regardless of whether or not she is pregnant, whether or not it's his and whether or not it'll be three strikes against Pam in the marriage arena, she is moving forward with the divorce proceedings.

According to TMZ, Rick is claiming Pam's erratic behavior is due to her pregnancy. Uhm, did he not know anything about her or read anything about her over the last fifteen years? Pam is crazy (in a good way) and not just because she is knocked up. Just ask Tommy Lee, Kid Rock and anyone else she dated or married. Rick should know this since they were apparently good friends for years before they became an item.

As you may recall Pam suffered a miscarriage during her time with Kid Rock (although if memory serves, and these days it rarely does, Kid Rock claimed the pregnancy was bogus). I hope, if she is pregnant, that everything goes smoothly this time. Good luck, Pam!

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