Parents can make schools safer

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Parents play a huge role in the success or failure of their children's education. They help with homework, make sure the kids get to school on time, and get them the supplies they need. According to the South African Minister of Education, Naledi Pandor, there's another task parents should take on to prepare their kids for the school day -- frisking them.

Speaking at a ceremony to commemorate a new Safer Schools Programme, Pandor told parents to "check your children to see that they are not carrying any dangerous weapons and drugs. You cannot leave it all to the teachers and me. All of us - learners, parents, community leaders, teachers and police - have a responsibility to make our schools safe places."

I understand that there may be significant cultural differences between South Africa and the United States, but even so, I'm not sure that searching your kids before they walk out the door is such a great way to build their trust. On the other hand, it is important, I think, for parents to know exactly what's in their kids' backpacks, be it drugs, weapons, homework or frogs. What do you think? Do you keep on top of what your kids are packing?

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