Female teacher at Houston school suspended

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Have you noticed an increase of news reports lately of stories about female teachers having sexual relationships with teenage boys? Wednesday, a 42-year-old female teacher in Houston was suspended and arrested after she was caught (CAUGHT!) by the principal with one of her students. This is the third incident at that school.

I would never try to get inside the head of a pedophile, because clearly their brains do not function the same as most of us. However, I can't help but think about it sometimes. What in the world is appealing to an older woman about a teenage boy? This woman was 42 years old. Of course it isn't about the same dynamics as a regular relationship, but doesn't it make you wonder about these crazy women?

It scares me, too, because I have a teenage son. Teachers play an influential role in children's lives and it sickens me when they take advantage of that power they have over children. I really have very little to say about this case because I have a problem even watching the news reports on our local news. The school sent home a letter to the parents (link) informing them of the incident. Personally, I think I would probably go into meltdown mode if my son brought this letter home.

The whole series of events begs the question: Can I lock my son in his room until he's 30?


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