Christina Aguilera explains her son's name

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It was a beautiful day indeed when little Max Liron joined Christina Aguilera and her husband Jordan Bratman in the world. Last week the pop singer finally gave birth the a fabulous bouncing baby boy but it wasn't for several days that she released an announcement, and shared with the world her new love's name--and the meaning behind it.

According to the Perez Hilton website, your source for all things celebrity-baby related, the word "Liron" means "My Song" in Hebrew. "Max" means "the greatest." Hence, Max Liron is Christina's greatest song. For a woman known for her amazing voice, that may be the sweetest thing I've ever heard.

Far too often we end up with celebrity kid names that veer so far off the charts it's hard to imagine calling and asking for that person on the phone. Of course to each their own, and we can only assume that the most common and the most unusual celebrity baby names have significant meaning for the parents.

The name Max Liron is gorgeous and elegant, much like the singer herself. Mama Christina has certainly come a long way since those ass-less chaps she paraded around in.

And now she is the mama to a brand new boy with a beautiful name. Congratulations, Christina!

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