Dancing in the dark

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When Rachel was pregnant with Jared, we went to a concert featuring a folk singer/songwriter that we both really like. Actually, we didn't know she was pregnant when we got there; Rachel figured it out during the concert with the help of another audience-member, while she sat on the balcony munching crackers and feeling sick to her stomach. The singer ended up being the first person we told, even before Rachel's folks.

Fast forward about six years and Rachel is, once again, pregnant. A week ago, on Saturday night, we took advantage of having an eighteen-year-old niece and went to another Caren Armstrong concert while she babysat. The show was fantastic, with a good mix of both old and new songs, mostly her own, but with a few covers thrown in. We really enjoyed it, but we weren't the only ones tapping our toes to the music.

Rachel got kicked around a fair bit that night, from the inside. Our next little one liked the music too, and was definitely making that known. Poor Rachel definitely felt it all night long. I'm glad the kid likes music, but is there any way to get it to wait until it's on the outside before it starts kicking up its heels?

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