Is Heather Mills spying on Paul McCartney?

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Showbiz Spy says that despite their bitter divorce and custody battle, Paul McCartney showered estranged wife Heather Mills with over $16,000 in gifts for her 40th birthday. Could that mean the thaw of icy relations between the warring couple? Don't count on it. The same article reveals Heather's desperate - and expensive - attempt to discredit Paul's parenting skills any way she possibly can.

According to reports, she hired a team of investigators at $3000 a day to spy on Paul, hoping to catch him drinking during the day. She feels that having such video footage might buy her some insurance against Paul trying to get full custody of their four-year-old daughter, Bea. Unfortunately, she chose to send out her spies during the same week that Paul was recovering from heart surgery and therefore not drinking alcohol.

A source said: "Heather was furious when she had to cancel the first watch. She was convinced Paul was going to go out with a friend on a drinking session, and that she would be able to catch him."

She may have failed in her first attempt, but she's not giving up. According to this source, her investigators will be back later this month and eventually they are bound to succeed. The question is, does anybody other than Heather think that going out and having some drinks with the guys makes Paul a bad parent?


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