Tabloids take Dannielyn coverage too far?

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According to the Perez Hilton website and The Insider, Dannielyn Birkhead, daughter of Larry Birkhead and Anna Nicole Smith, has a medical condition. And her father isn't afraid to tell anyone about it. Apparently, although I'm not sure I believe this is true, baby Dannielyn is cross-eyed.

The actual condition is known as strabismus, and affects five percent of children. An eye patch is worn over the child's better eye in an effort to strengthen the not so good eye. I guess poor little Dannielyn was spotted wearing such an eye patch and it was not considered a bold fashion move among celebrity kid-dom.

More than likely the condition will eventually require surgery. Larry isn't so sure how he feels about his baby going under the knife.

I suppose it is better to be up front about the conditions that affect our children. If we hide them or ignore them they tend to get worse. Other people talk, but other people are going to talk anyway, regardless of whether parents make a statement about their children's conditions.

Still, that said, I sort of agree with Perez Hilton. It seems like Larry Birkhead will take any opportunity to talk about his daughter and place himself back in the spotlight, even at the expense of her privacy. And, naturally, tabloids like The Insider hop on that. And then we report on it. It's a vicious cycle, I guess.

Well, either way, I wish Dannielyn luck--not just with a possible condition or surgery, but in dealing with her fame-seeking father!

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