Eva Longoria is fat, not pregnant

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If you think Desperate Housewives actress Eva Longoria is looking a little thick around the middle these days, you aren't alone. After she was photographed sporting a protruding belly, rumors started swirling that the wife of Tony Parker had a bun in the oven. Apparently, what she had in there was pasta, not a baby.

"I'm not pregnant now!" she says. "I've just gained weight from being on strike. My publicist sends me a picture. She's like, 'So they're saying you're pregnant, you have a baby bump.' I'm like, 'I just finished eating.' I had no bump. I just ate pasta and Italian and my pants were too tight and totally have a gut. But this pregnancy thing, we're just laughing our butts off, cause I really just had a fat day."

Ah, the fat day. Who hasn't had one or twenty of those?

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