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One of the many things I've done for a living over the years was working as a technology application consultant -- identifying new sources of revenue and new products based on a company's existing products. I'm thinking Jared and I could be partners in that business.

Currently, however, I earn the vast majority of my income as an ordinary Cobol programmer (think spinning tapes and blinking lights), a job that lets me work from home two days a week. I'd rather stay home everyday, though, so as to spend more time with the kids. Jared agrees. Here's a conversation we had last Thursday morning as we headed off to school:

Jared: "Can you work from home on Tuesdays and Thursdays?"
Me: "I wish I could. I'm trying to figure out how I can make enough to live on by writing, so I could work from home all the time."
Jared: "I'm making a lot of money."
Me, surprised: "You are?"
Jared: "Every time I lose a tooth, I get five dollars! I'm making a lot of money for you!"

As much as I appreciate his sacrifice, I'm not sure that's a sustainable business model. Still, I think I might be willing to give it a try -- at least until he runs out of teeth.

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