Mary Cheney returns to work

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As Vice President Dick Cheney's daughter, a published author, and experienced executive, I'm sure Mary Cheney could afford to stay home with her seven-month-old son Samuel indefinitely. Instead, she is returning to work as a Vice President (like father, like daughter!) of Navigators, LLC, a "full-service issue management, governmental relations and strategic communications firm". Basically, they are professional lobbyists and campaign managers.

Mary gave birth to her son Samuel David Cheney back in May of last year. There is no word on whether or not young Sam's other mom, Cheney's partner, Heather Poe, will be staying home. For a lot of mothers, being a stay-at-home mom is not an option. For others, returning to work after giving birth is something they look forward to. Whatever the case here, Cheney got to spend more time with her son than a lot of new parents do and, now, I think congratulations are in order on the new job.

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