P.E. classes focusing on individual activities

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Remember the days of gym class, where if you weren't particularly athletic or in the mood to participate, you could just get out in dodgeball and spend the rest of the class sitting in the bleachers talking to friends? Well, those days are gone.

Physical education programs have finally started to realize that team sports might not be the best way to get overweight or obese children involved in physical activity. Many programs now are focusing on individual activities students can work at their own pace and not be left on the sidelines as well as lower impact activities like weightlifting, yoga or martial arts.

"Now we organize our classes in such a way where no kids are sitting," said Susan Henderson, coordinator for physical education and health for the Dallas-area Mesquite school district. She said that even if the lesson is about a team sport like football, they focus on skills like passing the ball. "Nobody is waiting their turn," Henderson said.

I wonder if the changes have had an effect on the number of kids who hate gym class?

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