Teen not remotely remorseful for debaucherous party

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I just finished watching this video, wherein a semi-plastic anchorwoman grills a sixteen year old Australian teenager who wears yellow glasses and a nipple ring throughout his interview on TV.

The purpose of the interview is to question the teenager about a wild party he had while his parents were on holiday. Apparently, 500 people showed up to trash cars, vandalize the neighbourhood, and wreak general havoc. The police were called in, the dog sniffers were on the scene, it was a regular mob scene.

The thing is, I cannot tell for the life of me if the video is fake. First of all, the anchorwoman seems kind off...off, I'm not sure what it is. Perhaps it's her over-the-top glossy Barbie hair and her patronizing tone - telling the boy he should take off his sunglasses and have a long hard look in the mirror. (Who says that?) Even more stunning is the boy's refusal to take off the glasses because people like 'em. He's completely, unabashedly, unapologetic, noting that he hasn't answered his parents calls (apparently they're still on holiday, which is fairly deranged in itself) because he doesn't want to be hassled.

Dear god. If there is one thing I remember from being a teenager it is that parental absence means a free ticket to partyville. I will not be going anywhere on vacation from the time Nolan is thirteen until he reaches twenty-one. Or maybe even twenty-six, we'll see. Hopefully my son will be a little less horrifyingly blase than nipple sunglasses boy in the video.

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