Aging gratefully

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My mother has always said that getting old is better than the alternative. She's right, of course. But that little nugget of wisdom does not necessarily make those aging milestones easier to take. And while I completely sympathize with Jennifer's acne horrors, there is something worse than adolescent zits on an adult face. It's adolescent zits on a grandmother's face, clashing with the gray hairs and wrinkles and the brand new pair of bifocal glasses.

Yep, I am officially middle-aged. My new glasses have managed to do what becoming a grandmother, turning 40, and the appearance of gray hairs could not. They have made me feel old. Not ancient old, but like I've crested the top of the mountain of life and am now on the downward slope.

Aging is a fact of life and I have long ago accepted that. But the glasses have given me pause. Actually, lots of pauses. In front of the mirror, studying my own face. And who do I see staring back at me in that mirror? My mother.

I called my mom last night to whine about my failing eyesight. She sympathized and advised and we talked for the better part of two hours. After our conversation, I felt a lot better. But it wasn't really anything that she said that cheered me up. It was the fact that she is still here to say it. I guess this aging thing has me thinking about that path we all must walk down the other side of the mountain. None of can know exactly where that path ends, but I am down-on-my knees grateful that I still have my mother to lead the way.

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