Holiday pay for caregivers

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When Nolan was in full-time daycare, I paid a monthly fee that didn't fluctuate according to holidays. In other words, I paid the same amount no matter whether it was March (no stat holidays) or December (over a week of stat holidays.) This seems fairly par for the course, and I didn't question it.

Now he has a Nanny four days a week, while my Mom looks after him on Fridays. It's a fabulous arrangement, Nolan loves his time with his caregiver, and I'm relieved to know that he's spending his mornings in parks, at playgrounds, throwing rocks at the beach. But now I'm an employer rather than a customer, and I find myself wishing there were a 'Nanny Protocol' website that I could consult in order to keep my caregiver happy, without stripping my wallet of every last penny.

I paid Nolan's nanny for a week off at Christmas, figuring I would have done the same at his old daycare. But this week, she let me know that she's planning to take off a week at the end of February to bask in a tropical climate with her boyfriend. And she should! It's been pouring cold, drab buckets here, the days are short, and Nolan is a handful. I'll have to arrange for alternative care, which is fine -- she'll actually help me with that. What I'm wondering is whether I should pay her for that week she's away. I'll have to pay another caregiver, too, and it will be a bit of a stretch for me...but every semi-full time employee deserves at least two weeks paid holiday a year, right? But then I'll also need to pay her for any vacation time I take this year (up to three weeks, which I may or may not take at all.) I have consulted with Dr. Google and he knows nothing, so I'd be interested to know what you've done in this situation.

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