Image of the Day: It's better in the corner!

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There are so many thoughts that come to mind as I spy this little guy squatting in the corner. He looks as though he is enjoying himself immensely and might possibly be plotting mayhem as he chews on his bottle and smiles with glee. The caption in the Flickr pool says he is awaiting the doctor for a check-up visit, but he looks far too contented to know what is to come. Thank you, Qal's Dad, Arnel, for sharing this with us all at Image fo the Day!

For those of you who are Image of the Day followers, you might have noticed we took a bit of a break over the month of December. Now that we have entered 2008, Image of the Day is back for your viewing pleasure. Send us pictures of how you are spending this new year, share your thoughts and images with us.

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