Texas band director on administrative leave for unorthodox punishment

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A Texas band director is on administrative leave after the school found out about his inappropriate punishment of a student.

On January 4, an 11-year-old band student forgot his instrument and as punishment, the band director made him hold out his hand while the rest of the students emptied their spit valves into his hand. The boy's father just became aware of the incident because his son requested to be transferred out of band class.

The teacher is now on administrative leave while the school investigates the incident.

Once again, this is one of those stories where I have to say, What is going on with some of these teachers? Are they crazy? What would cause a teacher to think this was a good idea or acceptable behavior? Is there anyone who would think this might be appropriate? It's unsanitary and downright gross. It is also teaching students to demean their fellow students.

The boy's parents are extremely angry, but stated that they are pleased with the responsiveness of the school. The other unfortunate part of this story is that this boy has now dropped out of band class and probably has given up his plans to play the trumpet. This is another example of how teachers can affect children's lives forever, and sometimes not in a positive way.


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