Twin brothers score perfect ACT's

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What could make a parent more proud than having a child who earns a perfect score on his college entrance exams? How about two kids who do it? I would say that the parents of 18-year-old identical twins Ross and Brian Devol have definitely earned some bragging rights after both sons scored 36 out of 36 on their ACT's.

Nationally, the average score on the test is 21.2, but there is nothing average about these boys. After Brian aced his test with a perfect score, brother Ross decided his score of 35 wasn't going to cut it. It took three tries, but he finally matched his brother's accomplishment with his own perfect score.

I guess there is nothing like a little sibling competition to bring out the best. "I couldn't really beat him,'' Ross DeVol said. "But I did pretty good. I was happy about it."

The Devol's parents may deserve kudos for raising such bright kids, but Ross credits his achievement to music. A member of his school's marching band, jazz band and concert band, he says, "I've heard that band kids do better in school,'' he said. "A lot of my friends are in band, and they're pretty smart.''


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