Why does Britney need a pregnancy test?

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I've seen numerous headlines lately promoting the idea that Britney Spears is longing have another child to replace the two that have been taken from her by Kevin Federline and the courts. To me, that sounds a lot like something a tabloid would invent in order to sell papers and I've pretty much assumed it's not true. But now, I'm not so sure.

Earlier this week, Britney was spotted and photographed shopping for pregnancy tests with boyfriend Adnan Ghalib by her side. As far as I know, pregnancy tests have just one purpose: determining whether or not a woman is pregnant. Based on that, one could assume that Spears has reason to believe she might be with child and is looking to find out for sure. But this is Britney we are talking about and for her, there could be another explanation.

Every move Spears makes is photographed and documented and talked about like it was real news. She knows this. And she knew she was being photographed in that Rite-Aid and I believe it is entirely possible that the attention-seeking pop star was putting on a show intended to get us talking about her. As messed up as that sounds, I sincerely hope that is what she was doing.

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