McConaughey's mom wants him to wed

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Matthew McConaughey's mom wants him to marry the mother of his first child, according to reports. When Matthew, who we all felt a confirmed bachelor, called his mom to share the good news his mother hoped he would get married.

What--she wants him to SETTLE DOWN? Does she know her son? Do stars even need to get married anymore? As I've reported before, plenty of female celebrities with child have chosen to remain single, so why should their male counterparts not follow suit?

I think Matthew put it best in his comments to Playboy magazine when he said that he believed in the institution of marriage, but doesn't feel that people have to get married. "A kid just needs a mom and a dad." Well, if he takes his cue from some Hollywood mothers, their children don't even need that! They can get along just fine with only one parent.

Will Matthew McConaughey marry his girlfriend Camila Alves, who is three months pregnant with his bambino? Maybe, maybe not. But that kid will definitely have two loving parents.

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